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In 1995, founder Greg Reitman, was hiking with three friends in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, near Sydney, Australia. In the interior of the mountains they came upon lush waterfalls and stunning cascades. It was there, under the most spectacular Blue Mountain waterfall, that Greg had the epiphany of creating a production company called Blue Water Entertainment. Harnessing that passion, drive and endurance, Greg began his filmmaking journey toward creating and producing environmentally conscious films for the big screen that would capture the hearts, minds and souls of the audience.

What began as inspiration has come to fruition with two award-winning documentary films: “FUEL” winner of the 2008 Sundance Audience Award, and the feature documentary “Hollywood’s Magical Island – Catalina” (2003), syndicated on American Public Television (APT). In the fall of 2016, Blue Water Entertainment released theatrically the feature-length documentary film, “ROOTED IN PEACE.” Blue Water Entertainment has a slate of motion pictures, television, documentary, webcasts and development projects.


  • Hollywood’s Magical Island – Catalina

    Through the remarkable eye of first time film director, GREG REITMAN, we get a first hand glimpse of The Magic Isle. While exploring historical, social, and

  • Rooted In Peace

    ROOTED in PEACE challenges viewers to examine their values as Americans and human beings. Today we are at war within ourselves, with our environment, and with the world.

  • Fuel

    FUEL is an insightful portrait of America’s addiction to oil and an uplifting testament to the immediacy of new energy solutions. Director, Josh Tickell, a young

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On February 14, 2015

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