SNAP – Inspired by true events

Cast & Crew:

Director: Greg Reitman

Screenwriter: Greg Reitman

Production Company:
Blue Water Entertainment, Inc.

February 5, 2015

A Frenchman, Roni Levi, was living in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia while separated from his wife Melinda Dundas. Saturday June 28th, 1997, we find our hero, armed only with a pocketknife, gunned down in mid-daylight on Bondi Beach by two Sydney police officers, Podesta and Lorenzo. The last bullet curiously went not into his back, but instead between his scrotum and anus, tearing into his perineum. The question is why was this victim shot four times into the body in broad daylight, and then knocked out with a baton to his head. The saga begins.

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