2012 – BLUE WATER ENTERTAINMENT announces launch of ONE TREE Foundation and Tree Planting with Navitas Naturals

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Santa Monica, CA (March 7, 2012) – ONE TREE and Navitas Naturals will announce a new tree-planting initiative at the Natural Products Expo West on March 9 in Anaheim, California (Booth #2432). Navitas Naturals is a leading organic superfoods company that sources many products from Peru.  Naturally, the initiative will focus primarily on planting trees in that country.

“The ‘ONE TREE’ planting initiative bridges the gap between companies and the natural world, helping businesses meet their social responsibility goals by planting trees,” says ONE TREE Executive Director Greg Reitman. “ONE TREE is an effort to preserve rainforests, nurture environmental stewardship, reduce CO2 and restore balance in the earth’s ozone,” adds Reitman, “ONE TREE is committed to planting 20 million trees over the next 5 years.”

Navitas Naturals has made a commitment to promote ONE TREE and the planting of trees both locally and globally, including a pledge to help promote and raise $25,000 in an effort toward conservation and preservation in Peru. “The farmers in Peru that we partner with are dedicated to sustainable organic agriculture and their lands are healthy,” says Wes Crain, President of Navitas Naturals. “However, there are other areas in Peru that have suffered from destructive land practices and through ONE TREE NAVITAS we aim to help communities restore the land and ecosystems by planting trees,” adds Crain.

ONE TREE is the fruit of the labor for award-winning film-maker Greg Reitman, who’s upcoming feature documentary film, ROOTED in PEACE includes a call to action for tree planting, ‘ONE TREE AT A TIME’.  ROOTED in PEACE challenges viewers to examine their values as human beings. “Today we are at war within ourselves, with our environment, and with the world, and this film takes you on a journey to take notice, stop the cycle of violence, and proactively seek ways to find personal and geopolitical balance,” explains Reitman.  ROOTED IN PEACE profiles several Navitas Naturals organic superfoods as examples of healthy, sustainable eating including maca, cacao, chia, acai and camu camu which are blended to create the ROOTED SMOOTHIE.


ONE TREE is an environmental nonprofit that unites the power of trees, people and technology to grow a sustainable future for THE WORLD. Their work is about helping nature heal urban environments and restore natural rainforests. ONE TREE’s mission is to inspire, engage and support people to take personal responsibility for the natural environment.

ONE TREE is seeking additional corporate partners to expand its tree planting initiatives both locally and globally. To learn more about the film, ROOTED in PEACE and the cause, ONE TREE, please go online to www.rootedinpeace.com, www.1-tree.org or call 310-234-2583.

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