2008 – Feature-Length Documentary Film, Fields of Fuel Makes its World Premiere at the Sundance Film Festival

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Best-selling author and environmentalist Josh Tickell’s feature-length documentary film, Fields of Fuel, will make its World
Premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 21, 2008. However, Tickell is doing more than premiering a film he is
bringing the biodiesel revolution to the streets of Park City. Accompanying him will be a fleet of biodiesel powered
vehicles, a former Texaco oil executive turned biodiesel innovator, copies of his second book Biodiesel America and the
world’s first car to run on biodiesel made from algae.

Known as the “Veggie Van” guy, Tickell captured the public’s attention 10 years ago when he drove his sunflower painted
VW Winnebago around the United States on biodiesel he made from recycled fast food cooking oil. This two-year “Veggie
Van” tour to promote biodegradable biodiesel garnered international media attention and jump-started the now booming
biodiesel industry. As one of the nation’s leading experts on sustainable biofuels, Tickell’s first book, From the Fryer to the
Fuel Tank – The Complete Guide to Using Vegetable Oil as an Alternative Fuel, sparked a biodiesel revolution.
Presented by Producers Greg Reitman of Blue Water Entertainment and Dale Rosenbloom of Open Pictures, Fields of
Fuel, chronicles Tickell’s personal journey as a man who is showing Americans how to take back their country one gas
tank at a time. He takes celebrities, scientists and world energy experts on an alternative power trip through Louisiana’s
polluted bayous, Detroit’s misguided corporations and Washington’s corrupt practices. At its core, the film reveals the true
price we are paying for a barrel of oil. That price is ultimately our freedom. Tickell presents a simple and immediately
applicable solution strategy utilizing existing infrastructure to secure America’s energy independence and boost the

Fields of Fuel, provides inspiring examples of how other countries are making the shift away from black gold including
Sweden’s national commitment to become fossil fuel free by the year 2020 and a tax credit program for biodiesel use in
Germany (where Rudolf Diesel first invented the Diesel engine to run on peanut oil over 100 years ago). The film also
addresses the controversy surrounding biofuels that are made from food crops and presents solutions for making fuel
from non-agricultural sources such as algae.

Fields of Fuel also profiles some unlikely green heroes like New York City Council Member James Gennaro, who is
working with local metro transit authorities and companies to green New York City, as well as innovative companies like
Nova Biosource Fuels, Inc. and Solazyme, Inc. that are leading the renewable fuel revolution.

Nova Biosource Fuels’ Chief Executive Officer, Ken Hern, is a former Texaco executive who served as President of
Texaco Saudi, Inc. Texas oil man turned biodiesel maverick, Hern has been instrumental in developing Nova’s proprietary
process technology that has the capability of making biofuels from over 25 different feedstocks, including nonagricultural
sources, without producing any air or waste water streams. Nova recently secured $41 million to complete and run its
Seneca, Illinois biodiesel refinery capable of producing 60 million gallons per year.

Founded by Harrison Dillon and Jonathan Wolfson, Solazyme is a synthetic biology company unleashing the power of
marine microbes to create clean and scalable solutions for the renewable energy, industrial chemical, and specialty
ingredient markets. In Fields of Fuel, Solazyme will unveil the first car powered by algal biodiesel in real-world driving; and
festival goers will be able to see the car live on the streets of Park City.

In the spring of 2008 Tickell and his team plan to take Fields of Fuel on the road as part of a national community outreach
educational campaign to transform America’s cities and towns to green energy and make energy independence a priority
issue in the Presidential election. Armed with an arsenal of biofuel powered vehicles, his “Community Action Campaign”
will hit 50 cities with a cadre of characters and notables from the film.

And with invitations to present at the Democratic National Convention and prestigious Republican events, Fields of Fuel
might just be what America needs to pull the needle of oil addiction from its throbbing transportation vein – right before the
next President steps onto the White House Lawn.