Lisa Lindo

After UCLA, Lisa Lindo came through the ranks of Skadden Arps, Paramount Pictures, Norman Lear’s Act III, and the development nirvana that was Triad’s TV Packaging. In 1993 Lindo founded ACME Talent & Literary with William Morris and ICM agents, adding an east coast office in 1996. Acme flourished and continued to grow the 10 years she was CEO and became the focus of a two season reality series on E! called FIGHT FOR FAME where 5 actors competed to be an Acme client. Her agency represented adult & children’s talent on both coasts, tv lit and film lit clients, video games, sports clients, print, voice-over, and Broadway talent. Acme set up ELF, SAVE THE LAST DANCE, AFTERSHOCK, Oliver Stone’s WORLD TRADE CENTER (with Nicolas Cage) and numerous other six/seven figure deals as featured on The Black List. Acme also put Seth Meyers on SNL.

Today Lisa Lindo is a Senior Programmer for MIFF (Milan Int’l Film Fest), reviews films for Film Society News, manages select lit clients and is thrilled to join the Blue Water Entertainment team as VP of Development.