2010 – BLUE WATER ENTERTAINMENT collaborates with Odyssey Networks, Coalition for One Voice and Tree Friends in Celebrating ‘Tu Bishvat’

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Blue Water Entertainment and Odyssey Networks, Coalition for One Voice & Tree Friends convened together for an interfaith gathering, ‘Tu Bishvat’, the Jewish New Year for the Trees, on January 29th, 2010

NEW YORK, NY, JANUARY 30th, 2010 — Greg Reitman, founder of Blue Water Entertainment, supported Odyssey Networks, Coalition for One Voice & Tree Friends in their interfaith gathering, ‘Tu Bishvat’, an event that celebrated the Jewish New Year for the Trees. The event was held yesterday. January 29th, 2010 at the Sakura Park in Manhattan, NY.

During the event, Rabbi Marcus Burstein, of the Union for Reform Judaism, shared prayers and readings along with Eric Shafer of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America & SVP of Odyssey Networks and Sensei Kenjitsu Nakagaki of the New York Buddhist Church. Prayers and readings from Eric Shafer and Sensei Kenjitsu Nakagaki pertained to the power and importance of nature and humanity’s responsibility toward its preservation.

Mary Dickey from Odyssey Networks shares, “The Jewish holiday of Tu Bishvat, with its emphasis on the care of trees and the natural world, is a beautiful holiday which resonates especially in a time when our environment is so imperiled. We hope to bring this observance to the attention of people of all faiths and people of good will in general.”

The interfaith gathering and recognition of ‘Tu Bishvat’ ties in with Greg Reitman’s new documentary, ‘ROOTED in PEACE’ and the ‘One Tree at a Time’ campaign. “The simplicity of planting trees is as basic as getting back to our own roots. What not a better time than ‘Tu Bishvat’ to be planting a tree with Tree Friends, Coalition for One Voice and Odyssey Networks” states, Greg Reitman.

Emily Squires with Coalition for One Voice quotes, “In the heart of a Northeastern winter, Tu Bishvat offered us a connection back to the earth and what will unfold again in the coming Spring.”

The video of the ‘Tu Bishvat’ ceremony can be seen at www.odysseynetoworks.org.

About Odyssey Networks

ODYSSEY NETWORKS is an interfaith organization with a strong commitment in using media to advance causes such as the environment. Odyssey networks is a service of the National Interfaith Cable Coalition, which was founded in 1987.


About Coalition for One Voice

COALITION FOR ONE VOICE serves the passion for connection by fostering a universal perspective, deep dialogue and a conscious community based in New York City. It brings together individuals and organizations who are dedicated to spiritual, social and environmental transformation for the betterment of all beings.


About Tree Friends

TREE FRIENDS brings about urban behavioral change in response to multiple global crises. By using the arts, Tree Friends invites people to revisit our fundamental human story in order to change findings that confirm the interrelated and interdependent nature of all life on planet Earth.

About Greg Reitman “The Green Filmmaker”

GREG REITMAN is the founder of Blue Water Entertainment Inc., an independent production company focusing on environmentally consciousness-based entertainment. Widely regarded as Hollywood’s “Green Producer,” GREG REITMAN produced the 2008 SUNDANCE Audience Award-winning feature documentary “FUEL.” He wrote, produced, and directed the feature documentary “HOLLYWOOD’S MAGICAL ISLAND- CATALINA” (2003), syndicated on American Public Television (APT). GREG REITMAN is currently in production on his new feature documentary film, “ROOTED in PEACE.”



‘ROOTED in PEACE’ is a personal journey of filmmaker GREG REITMAN who relives his past experience of living in Israel during the first Gulf War and witnessing firsthand the gruesomeness of war and its impact on the region. In response to our current global war crisis, the filmmaker examines what he believes to be the root of global conflict. In a quest to reconcile global violence, the filmmaker examines the roots of fundamentalism and how religious dogma affects the consciousness of humankind and the vitality of the planet Earth. The filmmaker’s ultimate quest is to ascertain whether the dogma of religion will ultimately control the species and bring destruction to the planet or will humankind prevail and shift its consciousness toward reconciling interfaith coexistence, and the desire to live in a world filled with love and compassion for all humankind.


About ‘One Tree at a Time Campaign’

ON TREE AT A TIME CAMPAIGN plants trees of ‘peace’ and trees of ‘hope’ in areas affected by violence or disaster with the intent of raising our human consciousness through a spiritual ceremony whereby participants can experience a renewed connection to the land and the oneness of humanity.

For more information please contact:

Britta Peterson (310) 234.2583 Cell: (310) 999.5616
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